• Organic Herb Tea blend 70g (no added flavouring)Who are the companions of the aronia berry, which is becoming more and more popular? Strong and spicy ginger, sweet fennel and aniseed, fresh lemongrass and cooling mint, all together with the unique note of the liquorice root and a hint of light sage. Delicate rose petals and whole star aniseed put the final touches on the decoration of this blend. Let yourself be surprised by this organic blend. Ingredients: Ginger pieces, fennel seed, aniseed, aronia berries, liquorice root, sage leaves, lemon grass, peppermint, whole star aniseed, rose petals. Superfruit: aronia berry. All ingredients from organic cultivation.
  • Harmony

    Organic Spice Tea Blend 60g (no added flavouring) Combines the elements and unites. This blend reconciles the planes and brings about a harmonious balance. This is the ideal companion for tea lovers looking for harmony and charisma enhancement. Ingredients: cinnamon pieces, ginger bits, fennel, whole cloves, raspberry leaves, black peppercorns, turmeric slices, cardamon (whole), pink rose petals. Trend ingredient: turmeric. All ingredients from organic cultivation.
  • Organic Rooibos Tea Blend 70g Flavoured, Orange, Mint, Coconut. The soft sound of the sea, the scent of sun-ripened, juicy oranges, sweetly-mild coconuts and refreshing peppermint will put you on a wave of happiness. The perfect combination of organic ingredients and pure essential oils of ripe oranges and fresh peppermint harmonically rounds off this summer breeze. Bright rose and mallow blossoms make sure the optic of this creation is also a real highlight. Ingredients: Rooibos tea, rose hip peel, ginger pieces, coconut peel, liquorice root, fennel, aniseed, orange peel, roasted coconut chips, peppermint, rose petals, orange oil, mallow blossoms, peppermint oil. All ingredients from organic cultivation.
  • Organic Green Tea blend 50g Tangerine, Lemon grass - (no added flavouring) Finest cold-pressed, organic Italian tangerine oil as well as lemon grass oil made by steam distillation are at the heart of this creation, along with further high-quality ingredients from sustainable cultivation. No journey was too far, no hurdle too high for us to secure the essentials for this green tea. Bright sunflower petals, lemon grass and orange peel complement the organic green tea base and rare organic persimmon pieces add their special touch to the tea's optic. Juicy, refreshing and with an exotic touch – this tea will give you more than 100%. Ingredients: Green tea (76%) kaki pieces, lemon grass, orange peel, sunflower petals, tangerine oil, lemon grass oil. All ingredients from organic cultivation.
  • Organic Herb Tea blend 45g (no added flavouring) Excerpt from a koala's secret recipe book: for breakfast, make a blend of fine herbs and add a well-considered portion of eucalyptus leaves taken directly from a koala bear's front garden. Decorate with large, toasted coconut chips. We will do without extra seasoning (additional flavouring) today. The typical eucalyptus note is shown to its best advantage in this fresh herbal blend. Ingredients: Lemon grass, eucalyptus leaves, apple pieces, orange peel, toasted coconut chips. All ingredients from organic cultivation.
  • Organic Herb Tea Blend 60g (no added flavouring) This colourful and vivacious composition of aromas invites you to dream away. The sweet apple is a perfect companion of the mild fennel with a dash of freshness added by orange peel and lemon grass. Bright colours like the yellow marigold blossoms and blue cornflower blossoms round off this blend. And all this entirely without any added flavouring! Ingredients: Apple pieces, fennel, orange peel, lemon grass, pink rose petals, blue cornflower blossoms, marigold blossoms. All ingredients from organic cultivation.
  • Organic Spice Tea blend 60g (no added flavouring) Lighten your burden. This tea promises ease and energy for major undertakings. Incidentally, the taste experience is overwhelming. This spicy blend merges with sweet natural fruit and citrus with marigold blossoms for a heavenly moment alone. Ingredients: Ginger bits, eucalyptus leaves, cardamon (whole), turmeric slices, lemon peel, chilli, cinnamon pieces, sage blossoms, apple pieces, dried thyme, marigold blossoms. Trend ingredient: turmeric. All ingredients from organic cultivation.
  • Organic Herb Tea Blend 40g (no added flavouring) We used our increasingly popular Greek Mountain tea as a base for this creation. It’s delicately bitter flavour is rounded off by sweet blackberry leaves and fennel. Eucalyptus leaves and spearmint provide the extra fresh kick, while goji berries and sea buckthorn berries provide the real summit break. Rise into other spheres with this balanced herb tea blend! Ingredients: Greek mountain tea, fennel, orange peel, lemon grass, eucalyptus, sweet blackberry and moringa leaves, lemon peel, peppermint, sea buckthorn berries, goji berries, sunflower petals. Superfruit: goji berry.
  • Organic Herb Tea blend 40g (no added flavouring) We would often like to sit in front of an open fire on a cosy evening and forget the noise and stress of the day. But most of the time, this is just not possible. As a real alternative, we recommend this marvellous blend of different berries and herbs. Colourful and attractively decorated, it contains a large quantity of apple pieces that offer their own delicate sweetness. The tenderly fruity taste, with a hint of tanginess contributed by hibiscus is just perfectly balanced. It really is a purely relaxing pleasure that makes you forget about all the bad things in the world. Ingredients: Wild strawberry leaves, apple pieces, orange peel, mallow blossoms, sunflower blossoms, elderberries, blueberries, hibiscus blossoms.
  • Serenity

    Organic Black Herb Tea Blend 40g Flavoured, Lavender, Lime, Mint. The harmonic combination of blue lavender blossoms, green mint leaves and yellow-orange lemon peel on our mild black tea base is the perfect base for a pleasant taste creation with fresh, floral and fruity notes. These are brought along by our pure essential oils made from sun-ripened limes, fresh peppermint and eucalyptus. A real taste indulgence, but also the aroma will invigorate your senses. Ingredients: Black tea (65%), lavender blossoms, eucalyptus leaves, orange peel, peppermint, lemon peel, moringa leaves, cornflower blossoms, marigold blossoms, lime oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil. All ingredients from organic cultivation.
  • Organic Herb Tea Blend 35g (no added flavouring) When giving the names to our tea blends we like our teas to be the inspiration. With our tea creation Sweet Garden, this was exactly so.   The lovely and fruity scent and taste of melissa combined with fresh and highly aromatic peppermint, makes you forget about the daily stress. This tea is an ideal companion in the evening. Ingredients: Blackberry leaves, camomile, melissa leaves, peppermint, strawberry leaves, lemon grass, hazelnut leaves, marigold blossoms, rose petals and lavender.
  • Organic Herb Tea Blend 50g Wintertime also has some herbs to offer! The base of this wintry tea is formed by our sweet apple pieces, while the bright green moringa leaves are the special highlight of this organic blend. Whole cardamom pods and yellow marigold blossoms complement the wonderful optic. A delicate vanilla flavour and fresh notes of oranges round off this creation perfectly. Ingredients: Apple pieces, cocoa peel, moringa leaves, orange peel, natural flavouring, raspberry leaves, cardamon pods, marigold blossoms. All ingredients from organic cultivation.


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